Silver Safety Razor
Silver Safety Razor
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Silver Safety Razor

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Did you know that 2 billions razors are thrown away each year in United States alone?! Have you ever wondered how much you spend on disposable razors every year?

We have a eco friendly and economical solution for you! We have designed the razor that not only produces no plastic waste and saves you money but will also provide an unforgettable shaving experience.

Pigeon Eco Store Minimalist Razor is an elegant alternative to disposable plastic razors. Plus it looks great in your bathroom! It is perfect for those who have sensitive skin and need a razor with a closer shave. You can do something kind to the Planet and switch to a reusable razor today. 

These are some advantages of the Minimalist Razor:

- A single blade to fight irritation and ingrown hair

- Smooth shave perfect for a sensitive skin

- Its balanced weight helps to be in control when shaving Grip on all of the handle length to help you shave with ease and adjust to different areas (legs, armpits, bikini area are easier to shave when you hold on to the farther part of the razor)

- Curved blade, with minimal exposure for low aggressiveness while still maintaining the close shave

- A closed comb has the blade glide perfectly on the skin

- A new elegant look to make your friends jealous

- Recyclable packaging with zero plastic

- It is super easy to change the blades

- High-polished finish to protect from corrosion



Dimensions: 4.25” x 1.75 cm

Weight: 3.3 oz

Shipped plastic-free, in recycled/recyclable materials.


What about the blade?

Works with all universal double-edge single blades. We suggest you change the blade every 6-10 shaves, depending on your shaving needs.



Rinse your razor after every use and white with a dry cloth or a towel. Keep your razor in a dry place, don’t leave it in the shower or a bathtub.